Choosing a Freelance Web Designer Vs Creative Agency

Soo..... after much thought and consideration I finally decided to start out as a freelance designer. I am now a full time, solo, and self-employed web designer!

There are many benefits to hiring a freelance web designer rather than a large agency, providing you hire the right one (i.e Pick MEE!!)

1. Quite Simply, Cheaper

Maybe the most attractive benefit? A web design agency naturally has much larger overheads, supporting the staff to help run the business, the rent for the office space and even the running of the coffee machine. It is therefore quite normal for a freelancer to charge less. This is quite beneficial if you are on a budget or trying to control your business costs. A good freelance web designer will help you to manage the costs of the project and suggest ways to cut costs where appropriate.

2. One-To-One Attention

Working with a freelance designer gives you that individual attention and personal experience for your business. You will deal with one specific contact resulting in more direct communication and ultimately less hassle. If you decide to go with a freelancer, make sure they respond quickly to your phone calls and emails before you proceed any further.

3. Design Consistency

With many freelancers taking on the many roles as designer, developer, photographer, your website will be kept consistent. For a website to work, all the individual parts must have the correct tone, and function well together. A single individual building your website will make that happen.

4. Fast Turnaround

As the solo creator, a freelancer will generally make decisions faster than a larger design firm. When there is only one individual involved there is no coordinating with other members of staff. There is also a high possibility of them working long hours into the night to get the project finished on time – trust me, been there done that. But please ask nicely!

5. Quality

The quality of a web design will vary considerably from both freelancers and creative agencies. Always make sure to check any agency or freelancers portfolio before you decide to hire them. In the web design world, the size of the business has no correlation to the quality of work produced. There are of course some great design agencies producing work to an almighty high standard. However, there are those who fall under the ‘not so almighty’. It is definitely possible to find a freelance designer who will produce high quality work at a lower cost.

To sum up, a freelance designer can create your ideal website for a much lower cost without sacrificing quality.