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Monitor. Report, Adapt

SEO Omagh, Northern Ireland

SEO is all about optimising your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

1. Analyze

Our SEO Strategy begins with analyzing your competitors who are currently topping Google for the same products or services. We look at their website performance indicators, understand their use of keywords, check their backlink profile, and check their social media contribution.

2. Strategize

Based on our initial research report, we prepare a digital marketing plan, to follow the positive footprints of competitors, which made them stand at the top of the search engines. We clearly define your goals and objectives in advance so you can truly measure your strategy.

3. Implement

We begin implementing the digital strategy by optimizing content to establish a page structure for your keywords. We place strategic search phrases throughout your website and begin a natural link building strategy. We also work with Google Adwords to get the most from Google.

4. Measure and Maintenance

We analyze search engine rankings and web traffic through Google Analytics to determine the effectiveness of the online marketing plan we have implemented. Ongoing modification of keywords and website content is necessary so growth doesn’t stall or decline.

SEO Case Study

No1 Rankings in Google Organic & Google Local Listings

Kool Kandy Karts came to us with the hope that we could rescue their website from an online based website design company. They where promised a #1 ranking in Google and after paying out money, they seen no return.

We designed Kool Kandy a brand new website and spent the next 6 months working on their Search Engine presence in Google. We have since seen brilliant results in a short space of time and they now rank at the top of Google for their main keyword search term.

Click the link below to see first hand the great results achieved.

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SEO Packages To Suit All Business Sizes

We will review, analyse then deploy the right SEO strategy for your business. Our website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) packages are tailored to your websites every need, to ensure your business will succeed in the competitive online arena. All our SEO packages come with a monthly online performance website review, so you know you are getting the results you need. We have to perform for you as all our packages are pay as you go; there is no long term contract to sign up to.

Before we start, we can give you an SEO report with your current website standings, so you can see the increased rankings and visitor number when you take up one of our services.

Monitor. Report, Adapt

Affordable SEO Packages

Our pricing is simple and clear, using fixed pricing where possible. Take a look at some of the typical SEO services you can expect

  • Competitor Analysis

    We will spend time looking at successful competitors in your niche, and learn from their own SEO Strategies.

  • Keyword Research

    We will find the search terms people are actually using, then optimise your website with them.

  • Google Analytics Setup

    Using Google Analytics, we can track the progress of your website and see how effective our online marketing plan is.

  • On-site SEO Optimisation

    Page title, Meta description and Meta data – Are some of the basic building blocks to get your site performing.

  • Sitemap Creation

    To ensure your website is recognized and properly indexed by search engines we will create a sitemap and submit it to google.

  • Link Building

    We will submit your website to all the major directories and build a quality natural link profile.

  • Monthly Ranking Report

    We will provide you with a monthly performance website review, so you can track your websites progress.

  • Content Development

    We can rewrite your website content to ensure it is keyword rich and write relevant stories and articles frequently updating your websites content.

  • Page Creation

    Individual pages can be designed to increase traffic and direct contact with your clients for specific keywords.

  • Google Adwords

    We always recommend pairing your SEO marketing plan with a Google Adwords strategy.